Since 1923

Metal Finishing

ISO Compliant Plating Company

DeTray Plating Works has been in business since 1923 providing its customers with quality metal finishing. DeTray Plating has a history of doing work for the Military, Ammunition plants and Aerospace industry.

We Adhere To ISO, ANSI Standards

Our in house QC department monitors your parts from start to finish. We make sure you get the highest of quality metal finishing. We provide our diverse and accomplished expertise to accommodate and meet the needs of the various industries that we serve. Our production is based on quality, customer satisfaction and timely return. We do offer the option to expedite your orders.

A Wide Variety Of Plating & Metal Finishing Processes

Those include Copper, Chemical Deburring, Polishing, Descale & oil, Strip Copper, Cadmium (Rack&Barrel), Zinc (Rack&Barrel), Nickel (Rack&Barrel), Bright Dip of Copper & Brass, Passivation and more.

Plating is the deposition of metals in solutions onto a substrate. Depending on the plating process applied, plating can provide improved corrosion resistance, wear resistance, electrical conductivity, lubricity, solderability and decorative properties. Detray Plating has been in the business since 1923 and services many industries.


We serve many industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Electronics, Consulting, Medical, Oil & Gas, Optics, Power Generation, Semiconductors and more.

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