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DeTray Plating Works has been in business since 1923 providing its customers with quality metal finishing. DeTray Plating has a history of doing work for the Military, Ammunition plants and Aerospace industry.

We can handle any size order from a single custom part to high volume manufacturing


  • We offer quick turn around times to meet your needs.
  • Parts plated to your specifications
  • Certifications are available upon your request
  • Stress relief to prevent hydrogen embitterment


Our Work

Our in house QC department monitors your parts from start to finish.

We adhere to ISO, ANSI standards.

We use an x-ray thickness measurement to insure plating thickness.

We do monthly production control testing to monitor our plating processes

A wide variety of Tri-Roll, plug and ring gages to check and monitor threads

All plating solutions are monitored by our in house lab to insure consistent plating quality

We offer lot traceability from receipt of your product to shipment

We can drop ship your hot orders directly to your customers

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10405 East 11th Street
Independence, Missouri 64052

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